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Snus and Nicotine Pouches are fast becoming the fastest-growing nicotine products on store shelves. The market is shifting from the use of vapes as a primary alternative to smoking. As traditional Swedish Snus is illegal in the UK, the alternative option, Snus nicotine pouches, has become increasingly in demand. As such, brands have provided the UK market with tens of brands in hundreds of strengths and flavours. 

The retail sector steadily rose throughout the mid-2010’s online with many consumers ordering offshore. As products became more readily available in the UK, the online retail sector revelled in a boom period. As with most successful markets, physical retail stores began stocking Snus nicotine pouches. The inception of pouches on high streets, supermarkets, and convenience stores fuelled further growth. 

UK Pouches has been a primary provider of wholesale Snus and nicotine pouches for several years. We stock the brands and products most in demand and have the retail knowledge to support the business. We can facilitate a service unmatched by many by offering a simple, easy-to-use, clean, and affordable portal for our customers. Customer service goes a long way, especially if you are new to buying wholesale Snus. We are available Monday through Sunday on WhatsApp to answer any and all questions pertaining to the new nicotine craze.

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Nicotine pouches have seen exponential growth in recent times in the UK. We are one of the primary online retailers of nicotine pouches, or Snus, for those in the know. The interchangeable terms of Snus and nicotine pouches serve as a colloquial conundrum for most markets.

We do not sell Snus, we sell nicotine pouches referred to as Snus. This is the common term used by the UK market at consumer level. Snus is a tobacco-based product. Our products are tobacco-free, and completely legal to sell both online and in store.


Types of Businesses that Buy Snus Wholesale

As Snus has become more popular in the UK market, we have seen a spike in sales of quantity through both businesses and consumers. We have deep insights into consumer demand, having been operational at the retail level for nearly a decade. As such, we have managed to source the most exciting and demanded brands for you. Our retail sector knowledge has helped hundreds of Snus wholesalers develop successful pathways into their designated markets.


Wholesale for Vape Stores

Vape stores have been particularly interested in developing steps into the nicotine pouch market. The uncertainty around pending regulations in disposable vapes has seen a substantial number of vape stores diversify their nicotine portfolio. UK Pouches has established long-lasting business relationships with scores of vape stores, offering fantastic margins and brand availability. A diverse selection of Snus nicotine pouches is essential for vape stores to compete in an ever-changing marketplace.


Wholesale for Convenience Stores

Footfall is an important factor of the success of Snus in convenience stores. UK Pouches has built hundreds of successful relationships with our convenience store customers. As such, we have navigated the demanding stock levels for heavy footfall-based businesses. We understand the challenges store owners face and have managed to circumvent them by creating a fast, easy-to-use platform. Our lightning-fast delivery is just one of the reasons UK Pouches has successfully built a robust and loyal customer base in nicotine pouch wholesale for convenience stores.


Online Snus Wholesale UK

While bricks and mortar stores have addressed much of the consumer market, we recognise the importance of independent local retailers. UK Pouches was formed via interpersonal relationships built via word of mouth – as such, we continue to service those looking for wholesale stock. We are readily available for conversations with those start-up Snus businesses. We can be reached on the WhatsApp available on our website, or through the contact email form.

Fast Delivery

We offer a super-fast delivery service for all online wholesale orders of Snus nicotine pouches. Our customers benefit from quick service and accurate orders across all our products.

Customer Service

Our top-class customer service team is available and ready to deal with any enquiries. If you would like to speak to someone direct you can hit the WhatsApp button and drop us a line.

Best Prices

We stock all major brands of Snus nicotine pouches for wholesale. We have the best price wholesale nicotine pouches online. Whether ordering for a small store or a large corporation, you will find UK Pouches competitive and knowledgeable of the best brands.

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